About Arjun Kartha

Arjun Kartha is a food, hospitality and travel photographer based in New Delhi, India.


With a natural affinity to people, food, nature and travel photography — Arjun loves exploring how an idea can go much beyond just a photograph. With a career in advertising and marketing behind him, Arjun is very comfortable in translating a concept and idea into a tangible visual that can be executed in the best way possible. Arjun has spent a long time on both sides of the table — first starting his career as advertising client services and later in marketing with large IT firms. 

As a full-time professional photographer, Arjun prefers to be involved right from the concept stage and will ensure that the final deliverables are exactly what was needed for a given assignment. Arjun is well equipped to handle any form of assignment.  

Arjun works with the best marketing and advertising agencies or directly with a business or brand. With his considerable network and influence, Arjun also works directly with brands to help them introduce new products or customer driven messaging into the market. For PR enquiries, please contact Arjun directly.