Showcase ~ Food Photographer in New Delhi, India

Indian Food Photographer based in New Delhi, India

Arjun Kartha is a commercial photographer based in New Delhi, India. Arjun works with with food for hotels, restaurants and brands to create stunning, marketable and realistic images that can be used in a variety of applications. Along with his food-stylist wife and partner Praerna, they run a full-fledged food photography studio with food kitchen in Gurgaon, NCR Delhi. With everything under one roof, they are in a unique position to offer you all the services you would require to get your marketing campaigns on the ground quickly and efficiently.


Food Photography Studio in New Delhi, India

Arjun runs a professional food photography studio in New Delhi, exclusively for restaurants, hotels, manufacturers / brands and the hospitality industry. With food styling, food photography and a fully equipped food kitchen – they are perhaps the only food photography studio in Delhi to offer all services under one roof. With close access to an airport, they can help shoot in any location you require – though large and complex projects are best executed in the studio. With a large inventory of props, dishes, plates, serving ware, glasses, spoons, napkins, textures, boards and everything else needed for photography, their studio is the best place to quickly complete a shoot as needed.

The studio is also available to select partners on rent. Please enquire for more details.

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