Food Stylist Delhi: Praerna Kartha

Praerna_Kartha_Profile-3Praerna is a food stylist based in New Delhi, India.

She loves food. Loves to cook it. Loves to eat it. Loves to style it. Loves to explore it. Loves to photograph it. Loves to read about it. Loves to blog about it. If it has anything to do with food, she loves it.

With her passion for food, a past career in advertising and a photographer for a husband, food styling as a career was a fortunate accident waiting to happen.

With a keen eye for colour, texture, composition and style, Praerna started experimenting with food styling when she started taking her personal food blog more seriously. In a short span of time, she has managed to build up a sizable and impressive portfolio spanning different genres of food.

She enjoys trying various approaches to figure out what makes food look the most appealing to the camera. Making the same-old-dish look brand new and fresh is her favourite challenge and she lives for the satisfaction that it brings her.

Feel free to browse through her portfolio and what she can do for you. If you like what you see, please get in touch to see how best she can suit your requirements.