Food, Hotel and Product Photography Services in New Delhi

Arjun is a food, hotel, product and commercial photographer in New Delhi and is available for photography assignments locally as well as anywhere else in India and abroad.

He has a fully equipped, centrally located, photo studio in Shahpur Jat in South Delhi. Whether it involves a studio, a client location, a set or an outdoor location, here are a few (but not all) of the things that Arjun can do for you:


food-photography-buttonFood Photography & Styling

Whether you’re a small restaurant or a large F&B organisation, Arjun can work with you to help you showcase your food in the best way possible. The final product could be for menu design, print and packaging or even for your website — we’ll make it look mouthwatering and just as you want it!


hospitality-photography-buttonHotel and Hospitality Photography

Working with the hospitality industry is a natural extension of food photography. Whether you’re a small boutique hotel or a large chain, we’ll use our experience in shooting hotels to be able to make your property look outstanding.



product-photography-buttonProduct Photography

With a fully equipped studio in New Delhi, or easy access to rentable studios in other major metros, Arjun can work with you to develop a plan for showcasing your core products to your customers or investors. Typical usages include print media, web and online portfolios.



travel-photography-buttonTravel and Tourism Photography and Blogs

We do this for fun! Working with tourism boards and PR agencies, Arjun can help you create attractive travel photos and documentation (including travel blogs). Depending on the brief, Arjun can deliver stunning photos of major and off-beat tourist destinations and even in-depth documentation and blogs of travel stories to these places. Get in touch for more information and a customised proposal.


Arjun works with the best marketing and advertising agencies or directly with a business or brand. With his considerable network and influence, Arjun also works directly with brands to help them introduce new products or customer driven messaging into the market. For PR enquiries, please contact Arjun directly.

Arjun is also an award winning destination wedding photographer. For more information on wedding photography, please visit