Pizza Hut Chef’s Table: Pasta with your Pizza, anyone?

Pizza Hut Chef’s Table: Pasta with your Pizza, anyone?

When Pizza Hut invited us for an event that involved Pasta AND Pizza, I was curious. I mentally equate Pizza hut with home-delivery Pizza (I’m normally a bit of a Pizza snob), and when their invite said that the event would be around Pasta, it immediately sounded interesting.  The event was to be a chef’s table format, with Pizza Hut India’s Head Chef A Arjyo Banerjee, and Barilla’s Executive Chef, Luca Ciano, at the Ambience Mall (Vasant Kunj) outlet — and promised to be fun.

Reaching the venue, we were pleasantly surprised by the thought and preparation that had gone into making the event. A custom tasting menu, a small placard with the hashtags for the event at every table and custom appetisers that you wouldn’t normally find on a Pizza Hut menu were nice touches.

Placards on each table


Special menus for the day – a mix of all the good stuff!

The Pizza Hut staff was on the best behaviour (though they normally always are!), and kept us well fed. I particularly liked the Sipping Cheese Cake (a really interesting combination of cheese cake blended to form a smoothie) and the Candied Lemon (a sort of Mojito with candied lemon pieces in it) — perfect as I had my tongue hanging out at that point.


The Sipping Cheesecake

The Candied Lemon Cooler -- a real must have!

The Candied Lemon Cooler — a real must have!

The event began with quick introductions by Chef Arjyo and Chef Luca – both of whom were at their exuberant best. The main idea behind the event was to introduce Pizza Hut’s new line of Pastas, and stress on how they wanted the best — therefore the association with Barilla (a world leader in Pastas and sauces) was natural. It was quite evident that Chef Luca had been to India many times, but was still really interested to know how many times the average Indian ate pasta! It was interesting to hear him talk about the history of Pasta, and how it was such a staple in Italy. (Interesting fact: Barilla produces more than 350 shapes of Pasta in Europe – so you could easily go an entire year without ever repeating your pasta!).

Of course, we were all there to really watch both the masterchefs in action — so before long they were whipping up a storm for us.

Chef Arjyo and Chef Luca in action — with the audience of food bloggers and influencers listening carefully

Chef Arjyo making a point

Chef Arjyo making a point

And that's how it's done!

And that’s how it’s done!

When into the second round, they must have had enough of stirring (just kidding!), and they asked for people in the audience to volunteer. Of course, our very own Praerna Kartha got her hand up pretty quickly — it was fun to watch all three of them have a go at it!


The Chefs and the Foodie

Of course, after they were done everyone had a go at taking pictures of the food.

Everyone's a food photographer!

Everyone’s a food photographer!

Chef Luca bringing the personal touch in

Chef Luca bringing the personal touch in

All that remained of a fun evening

All that remained of a fun evening

Chef Luca and his pet products

Chef Luca and his pet products

Net Takeaways:

Barilla is a really good pasta – and Pizza Hut India is being really wise in partnering with a company that has so much experience in making Pasta. From a category point of view, Pasta is a natural extension of Pizza Hut’s core business in India, Pizza. Pasta has always been a difficult nut to crack, and I’m fairly confident that Pizza Hut is on the right track. Of course, Pizza Hut will have to play it’s cards right when “Indianising” the menu – by satisfying the masses with regional recipes, and also keeping the purists happy with Pasta the way it’s supposed to be prepared.

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